Sunday, May 18, 2014

j a m m a b l e s / / o u t

Jam: My Silver Lining
Good to jam with: New beginnings

Well jammers, after 3+ years of dedicating myself to endless amounts of sifting through and researching new bands to provide you all with the best that's out there, the time has come for jammables to move on to bigger and better things. I'm happy to announce that I've accepted a job in the music industry that's going to allow me to dive into my passion for music to the highest level possible. Due to this exciting change, I'm going to have to say goodbye to my beloved jammables in order to really move forward with this passion professionally. Of course, I could not say goodbye without one last tune to send you off on the right foot. This last one is by the lovely First Aid Kit. Their new single titled "My Silver Lining", off their album Stay Gold to be released June 10th, seems rather fitting for my exit as its lyrics encourage you to "keep on, keepin' on". I'm really excited about this new change and am so grateful to have been able to share my passion with so many of you over the last few years. It's cheesy to admit my gratefulness, because it really is just a music blog, but really all of the positive comments and recognition anyone has ever given me for creating this has allowed me to keep moving forward - so a big thank you goes out to all of you for that. It's crazy to think that I started this blog as an outlet for me to channel all of the music research I was already doing and have a great way to offer it up to other people and now to see how far it's come. In summation, I hope that whatever that passion may be for you personally, that you too "keep on, keepin' on!" Cheers!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Blues on the Green 2014

The lineup for KGSR's annual Blues on the Green event held at Zilker Park in Austin has been announced today, which is definitely exciting for those of you who are local Austinite's, or for those who may be traveling to Austin at some point this summer. If you read my Blues on the Green post from last year, then you may have a good idea of what to expect from the spectacular event that officially kicks off the beginning of summer in this music-filled city. 

At first glance of the lineup, I'm definitely not missing Heartless Bastards with Dana Falconberry on June 11th and Tameca Jones open on June 25th. If you're planning to attend Austin City Limits Music Festival later this year, or if you have a little country flair to your music taste, you may want to check out Robert Ellis on July 23rd, who will be playing at ACL on both weekends. I've included a Spotify playlist for you to preview the artists mentioned above who will be playing this year below. Hope to see you there! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Live Jams Lately: James Supercave at Lambert's

This past week I had the pleasure of catching what seemed like an exclusive performance of James Supercave at Lambert's in Austin. Exclusive-feeling, because it was me and about fifteen other people there, which I found out later was much to the rest of Austin's disadvantage. After recently receiving a music submission from these guys and really enjoying their stuff I found online, I was happy to have the opportunity to view them live as they were coming through town to see if their live performance was as good as their records made them out to be. 

Seeing the small turnout upon arrival was a bit disappointing and led me to believe that I might have been wrong in deciding that this show was worthy of my Wednesday evening. However, having the opportunity to actually sit in a chair for a front-row seat of a concert was not something I was willing to complain about. 

Halfway through my first beer, the band warms up for about 30 seconds and all of my worries washed away because I knew just from their warmup that this band was going to be awesome and that, really, they just aren't known enough around town to pull in a heavy crowd yet. All I have to say to that is: not for long, fellas! 

You might ask, "what was it that made it so good, Julia?!" Well, to start, the pipes that reside within the lead singer, Joaquin, are so powerful and expansive that you'd wonder how the hell they fit inside his tiny little body. His singing is so effortless that it looks as if he only has to barely open his mouth to relinquish such a powerful and unique tune. Pair that with the easy flow of the music combined from the drums, bass, and funky tones of the keyboard and you have a really nice new-age band that doesn't allow you to question the flow or direction of the music for a split-second. 

Speaking to the band afterwards, it sounds like they all feel really happy to have finally found "their people" after trying to find the right fit with several other band members that didn't seem to have the same overall direction. This is really cool to hear straight from them, but it's also extremely evident just watching them perform - everyone seems genuinely happy to be doing what they're doing, even when they're only playing for a room full of fifteen people.

The night before they had opened for Future Islands in Marfa, TX and are going on an overwhelming sold-out tour with Warpaint over the next few weeks, so my guess is that the next time they come to town I'll be having a harder time catching a front row seat at an exclusive show. At least, I'm hoping this is the case for them next time. Stop by and check them out if they're coming to a town near you. You'll feel ahead of the crowd and I guarantee you won't be disappointed by their performance.